Piano Passion

Release 07.04.2017


Caroline Fischer – „Piano Passion“

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“It requires the interpreter to have a great deal of sensitivity in order to do each work justice, and this sensitivity is one of Caroline Fischer’s advantages.”
Dominik Lepuschitz, European News Agency, 24.03.2017

“What power! What an elemental force! What an incredible emotiveness! And what’s more: What passion! She thunderously begins the Appassionata and develops a melodiously logical current through her full-bodied, rounded and simultaneously flourishing tone, which immediately binds her audience in its spell. Stupendous virtuosity […] quivering intensity […] emphasizes transparency […] entrancing sound-world .”
Rainer W. Janka, Klassik-heute, 7. April 2017 (CD of the week)

„Thoroughly passionate. Passion is the maxim of the German-Korean pianist, who is driven by inspiration and intuition. It is exactly through these final gripping moments which are felt internally and make sense to the listener. […] Crystal clear rustling and forward slanting booming can be heard in the outer movements. Fischer’s strokes remain lucid and light throughout. She delivers the finale of the Appassionata and Schumann’s Sonata in G minor with sensitivity. In Beethoven’s and Robert Schumann’s music, she chisels away at the masculine and unflinchingly determined features. She lets the chords belt out powerfully and lets the forte resonate with power. Caroline Fischer is able to bring out many a hidden detail and confronts the popular pieces in an individual way, giving them a personal and unique characteristic, which can result in something truly new.“
Oliver Fraenzke, The New Listener, August 2017

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